Crystal Palace vs Chelsea Live Stream 01/10/2022

Crystal Palace vs Chelsea Live Stream free today 01/10/2022

The date of the match Crystal Palace versus Chelsea in the English Premier League
Chelsea are a weighty visitor against Crystal Palace in the match that will be held between them today, Saturday, at “Selhurst Park” in the 10th round of the English Head Association for the flow season 2022-2023.
The date of the match Gem Crystal Palace versus Chelsea

The Crystal Palace match against Chelsea is booked to happen at 4:00 pm on Saturday at Selhurst Park.

Crystal Palace is playing the match as the property holder, who is in the sixteenth spot in the Chief Association with 6 places and has a deferred match and gathered his focuses from dominating one game, attracting 3 and losing two matches, scoring 7 objectives and getting 9.

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While Chelsea enters the match, it is in the seventh spot in the English Chief Association table with 10 focuses gathered from 6 matches, and a match against Liverpool was delayed, during which it won 3 matches, attracted one, lost 2, scored 8 and got 9.

The Blues desire to win and get back with the three focuses to progress again in the English Chief Association table, particularly since the ongoing game plan doesn’t mirror the aspirations of the London group during the time of the new proprietors after the takeoff of the Russian Abramovich.

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By and large, the Gem Crystal Palace group met Chelsea in 26 matches before the present match, where the guests figured out how to win 20 matches, contrasted with two draws and 4 losses against the hosts.

Chelsea scored 55 objectives during the memorable gatherings of the two groups, while Gem Crystal Palace scored 19 objectives, while the Blues were permitted 3 extra shots, of which they scored 2 and bombed in one, while the hosts got no kicks by any stretch of the imagination.

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Chelsea FC emerged during their coordinates against Gem Crystal Palace with a perfect sheet in 12 matches, contrasted with just 2 for the proprietors of the land.

While Chelsea players got 31 yellow cards and one red card, contrasted with 37 Crystal Palace players got and two ejections.

The last coordinate between the two groups finished with Chelsea overcoming Crystal Palace in the match, 1-0, in the match that was held at Selhurst Arena on February 19, on which the present match will be played.

While the past match between the two groups, which was held at Stamford Scaffold in August 2021, finished with Chelsea’s 3-0 triumph over Gem Royal residence.

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